I’ve been to a few other Zumba classes where it really is just copying with not a lot of feeling.  The difference with your classes is that they are so interactive.  I especially like it when you come down on the floor and dance with us and also when you do the “call and response” type things (like “what’s it called?” “shimmy!”).  Even when you are up on the stage it feels like we are all together.  It’s great that you tailor the classes to us, whether it’s by using a song we all like or explaining things in ways that make us laugh.  I like that you compliment us on looking like sexy ladies (even if I don’t always believe it).  Sometimes I genuinely feel like I’m performing well but a lot of the time I just like how it’s okay to get the giggles, wiggle in odd ways, know you look a state and still feel good about yourself.  I guess it all comes down to the fact that it is fun!- Katie Ayres

I wanted to say a big “Thank You” for helping me rekindle my love of exercise again in such a fun way. I love your energy and enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoy your classes. I positively bounce out of your sessions!- Ruyan Donavon

I’d never stuck with any form of exercise for more than a few months until I started your Zumba classes – and now, after a couple of years, they’re still guaranteed to leave me energised and happy every time. Thank you!- Mandi Hubbard

It’s the most enjoyable class I’ve been to. As I said yesterday to another lady, at the end of your class we all come out smiling! It gives it all a lift especially needed at the end of a tough day in work. Thank you Zoë!- Anonymous

Zoë you’re an inspiration. Love your classes, always fun and a great atmosphere. I’m Looking forward to the next class.- Anonymous

I have been to Zoë’s very enjoyable Piloxing class 3 times and this week 4 people have asked me if I’ve lost weight.  I am amazed how quickly I am toning up. – Tracy Sawney

Zoë talks through the stretches without disturbing the flow of the class which is, for people like me who find it hard to remember, just perfect.  I always leave feeling really good and more supple. I cannot recommend Zest Fitness Berkshire enough. Go on, give it a try!- Valerie Williams

Zoë is an inspirational dancer and fitness instructor. I had tried various other Zumba classes in the past and NONE compared to the level of energy, enthusiasm and variety that Zoë’s classes give! Fantastic dance tracks and moves. Thank you Zoë for making us all feel sunny on rainy days and for reigniting my love of dance! -Julia Garofano

I have been following you for nearly two years, and my change in shape proves it.  What I like is the variety of classes on offer, the special offers (financial), and the whole set up is very enjoyable.  In a week I can either do aerobics and get a good workout, zumba and have a lot of fun and wiggling, or for relaxation and calmness in the stretch class. – Lynda Martin

Fun Fun Fun, every class is different and up to date. I used to be watching the clock but do not have time in your classes, I feel like I have worked hard but had fun and made lots of new friends. You always keep us up to date with any changes. You are an inspiration xxx – Sue Beacham

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support over the last couple of months, you have given me the boost to carry on and enjoy myself in the process. Thank you – Anonymous