D’n’B Hiit

D’n’B HIIT is An equipment-free Combat inspired, HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training) to Drum & Bass music which incorporates; Punching, Kicking, Cardio and Conditioning Drills. It makes getting in shape an addiction.

The workout also includes Partner based plyometric drills, butt and core conditioning for a total body workout.

This workout is done in a darkened room with disco lighting to create an nightclub feel.

This new workout is sweeping the workout scene as participants benefit from improvements in cardiovascular endurance, weight loss and muscular toning fused with the atmosphere of a nightclub. Fight Klub® is an intense workout utilising all the muscle groups in the upper and lower body including the core, whilst increasing flexibility.

Perfect for individuals looking for an advanced modern workout. Meet new people or bring your friends have fun and get fit together. Whether you want to relieve the stress of the day, have some fun or just get in shape, there is something here for everybody.

Age 16+ under 18s must be with an adult.

What do I need?

Suitable workout clothing and trainers

*Please note this class is not suitable for anyone with photosensitive conditions or pregnant women.

Due to the popularity of this class there are NO REFUNDS for cancellations or no shows. However you may transfer your booking to another session if you contact us before the 4 hour cancellation policy window. Full cancellation policy can be found at zestfitnessberkshire.co.uk

*No Transfers or refunds on special offers e.g trial/half price

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