The only classes you MUST book before arriving are:

Monday- 6:30pm & 8:15pm- Clubbercise @ Brakenhale School (Movement Studio)- Book up to 4 weeks in advance.

Tuesday- 7:30pm- Piloxing @ All Saints Church Hall- Book up to 4 weeks in advance.

Wednesday- 5:55pm- 30 Min Xpress @ Bullbrook Community Centre (Back studio)- Book up to 4 weeks in advance.

Thursday 9:45am Clubbercise– Bracknell Methodist Church Hall- Book up to 4 weeks in advance.

All other classes are walk in.

How do I book & what is the cancellation policy?

bookwhen.com/zestfitnessberkshire- CLICK HERE

  • You can manage your bookings online via the link above.
  • You will receive a confirmation at time of booking (if not contact me direct).
  • You will receive a reminder 24 hours prior to the booking.
  • You can also cancel your bookings via your confirmation email. (Please note Cancellation policy applies please see below for more details.)

Cancellation policy

This applies to ALL BR (Booking Required) If you need to cancel a booking the following applies:

  • Cancel up to 4  hours before class start time or no show – full fee is payable.
  • Cancel 4+ hours before class start time- no fee is payable.
  • If you have prepaid for a block of classes 1 class will be deducted if you cancel up to 12 hours before class start time.
  • Please note that the above policy does not apply to Clubbercise- Due to the popularity of the class, NO REFUNDS  will be given for Clubbercise if cancellations or no-shows are made.
    • Transfers may be made for any bookable classes (by contacting me direct.) Transfers maybe be made ONE time and be made 4+hours before the start of class. If you want to transfer less than 4 hours before class start time this will be classed as a cancellation and will be charged the full fee.

I haven’t got any Childcare today can I bring my child with me? 

We are more than happy for your child/children to sit at the back of the class provided the class is not disrupted by your child/children. Please note you are wholly responsible for your child/children

What do I need to bring to class?

All Classes- A towel, water, trainers and comfortable exercise clothing.

Abs- A mat (if you have one please- I have a few to borrow)

Clubbercise- Your official re-useable Clubbercise glow sticks- can be purchased from me at class for £5- these are compulsory to Clubbercise.

Piloxing- If you are Piloxing please note this a barefoot programme so you are encouraged to take the class barefoot. If you would prefer not to, Piloxing Socks are available to purchase or you can wear trainers; light-weight thin-soled are best.

Supple Strength- A yoga mat (if you have one please- I have a few to borrow)

clubbercise glow sticks?

Glow sticks are compulsory to Clubbercise- These Official re-useable Clubbercise Glow Sticks can be purchased direct from me at any Clubbercise class for a one -time payment of £5 these are then yours to use again and again. Please bring them to every class.

Glow Stick Battery Life

The official Clubbercise Glow sticks are re-useable. The battery life is about 5/6 hours continuous use. If they have been going off in your bag or you have been using them at home the battery life will be coming to an end soon.
The batteries are replaceable and each stick takes 3 small LR44 batteries (6 per pair.)
You can replace these by unscrewing with a screwdriver and replacing the batteries; available in most supermarkets.


WHere do i get piloxing gloves & socks?

Piloxing gloves & socks are optional tools for the class. The gloves are an extra lb in weight, they increase your heart rate therefore burning more calories, they improve muscle tone and you can purchase these direct from me @ £20 a pair. The Piloxing socks come in a range of styles and colours, they are great for helping you grip the floor & protecting sensitive feet, you can purchase these direct from me at £10 a pair.